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Your Visitors Don’t Care About Load Time

If you Google “what is page speed?”, you’ll see a snippet from Moz that reads “page speed is a measurement of how fast the (visible) content on your page loads”.

There are still web developers and SEOs who think that way, though by now, I think most of us know it’s wrong.

Page speed is not time to page load or time to anything. There are plenty of optimizations that can make pages faster without reducing load times.

Take above-the-fold load for example. Above-the-fold is the area at the very top of the page, the section visitors see first.

Suppose you have a page that takes five seconds to load. You optimize it so instead of having to wait the full five seconds, above-the-fold is visible in three.

The rest of the page still takes five seconds, so load time didn’t change. But you reduced the time visitors are forced to stare at a blank screen by 40%.

The benefits aren’t much different than if you had reduced load time. Page load will feel faster, visitors will be happier and page analytics will improve.

That is a perfect example of how page speed doesn’t rely solely on load time. Your pages aren’t fast because they load in three or four seconds–visitors aren’t counting–they’re fast because they feel fast.

It’s not a technical problem, it’s a UX problem. It’s important you remember that the next time you're working on page speed, because the best solution might have little to do with reducing load times.

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